What is the Staffordshire Limousin Experience?                                                

The Staffordshire Limousin Experience is much more than a school trip. It is an exchange programme which has been running successfully since 1976! Its main purpose is to bring together secondary English students aged 14-17 (y9-12) from schools in Staffordshire and to pair them up with French students from schools in Limousin for the exchange. 
The English students visit France and stay with their partners for 10 days at Easter and the French students visit England in July.

The exchange provides a great opportunity for young people to experience life in France and England in a family context, at a reasonable cost accompanied by a team of experienced and well qualified staff.


   Why take part?                                                                                                      

It's a wonderful opportunity to discover a country, make new friends and immerse yourself in the culture and language. The linguistic and personal benefits are huge.

   How does it work?                                                                                                 

* The exchange committees (French and English) use the information provided on the application forms to pair up would-be participants according to age, interests and personality. Details of proposed partnerships are given to applicants by their school’s SLE co-ordinator – a member of the French teaching staff – in December,

* Participants and their families, supported by the schools’ co-ordinating teachers, correspond by e-mail, skype/telephone, letter and social network systems to get to know one another better and to plan the reciprocal visits,

* Parents and participants attend a briefing session before each leg of the exchange led by members of each organising committee, to confirm hosting and travel arrangements and to learn about support systems during the visits,

 * During both visits participants have opportunities to meet up to  socialise  and they have access to support, if needed from accompanying members of staff,

 * Accommodation is in the partner family’s home.

   How to apply                                                                                                          

The cost for 2019 is  £380. .

        * Flight costs to and from Limoges

        * Coach travel to or from the airport (East Midlands/Birmingham/Manchester) in England : Families are required to     

        either meet incoming flight(s) or arrange transport for the outward flight(s)

        * Coach costs to enable participants to take part in any SLE coordinated Excursions in France and England

        * Entrance to the SLE DISCO held in STAFFORD (transport not provided)

        * Accompanying staff costs (transport and accommodation),

        * Administration costs,

        * Insurance. 

The cost does not include:

        * Local activities individual schools may organise and for which there may be a charge,

        * Costs incurred by host families for outings and visits.

        * Spending money for out of pocket expenses on the visit to France

SLE wishes to thank The Weston Road Academy for continuing to be its HOST PARTNER in 2018-2019!


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