What is the Staffordshire Limousin Experience?                                                

The Staffordshire Limousin Experience is much more than a school trip. It is a family exchange programme. Its main purpose is to bring together English and French students (14-17 years old). The programme involves a number of schools in Staffordshire and a number of schools in Limousin.
The English students normally visit France and stay with their partners for 10 days in March/April and the French students visit England in July.

The exchange provides a great opportunity for young people to immerse themselves into the French culture and to experience life in France in a family context, at a reasonable cost accompanied by a team of experienced and well qualified staff.

It has been running successfully since 1976!


   Why take part?                                                                                                      

It's a wonderful opportunity to discover a country, make new friends and immerse yourself in the culture and language. The linguistic and personal benefits are huge.

   How does it work?                                                                                                 

* The exchange committees (French and English) use the information provided on the application forms to pair up would-be participants according to age, interests and personality. Details of proposed partnerships are given to applicants by their school’s SLE co-ordinator – a member of the French teaching staff – in December,

* Participants and their families, supported by the schools’ co-ordinating teachers, correspond by e-mail, skype/telephone, letter and social network systems to get to know one another better and to plan the reciprocal visits,

* Parents and participants attend a briefing session before each leg of the exchange led by members of each organising committee, to confirm hosting and travel arrangements and to learn about support systems during the visits,

 * During both visits participants have opportunities to meet up to  socialise  and they have access to support, if needed from accompanying members of staff,

 * Accommodation is in the partner family’s home.

   How to apply                                                                                                          

The cost for 2020 is  £380. .

        * Flight costs to and from Limoges

        * Coach costs to enable participants to take part in any SLE coordinated Excursions in France and England

        * Entrance to the SLE DISCO held in STAFFORD (transport not provided)

        * Accompanying staff costs (transport and accommodation),

        * Administration costs,

        * Insurance. 

The cost does not include:

        * Local activities individual schools may organise and for which there may be a charge,

        * Costs incurred by host families for outings and visits.

        * Spending money for out of pocket expenses on the visit to France

SLE wishes to thank The Weston Road Academy for continuing to be its HOST PARTNER in 2019-2020!


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