Comments from participating students and families                

Comments from students and families who took part in 2019

"Our daughter had an amazing time; she got on extremely well with her partner who was an excellent match and the family she stayed with were delightful. They made her extremely welcome and planned plenty of activities which both girls thoroughly enjoyed. I also felt that this facilitated the partnership and encouraged a lot of conversations"

"We wanted to send you our grateful thanks for making the SLE such a success. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed all that the experience had to offer.

We are looking forward to hosting in July. Thank you for all your organising of the trip and administrstion and for looking after everyone so well. Please pass on our thanks to your team."

"Please thank everyone on the team for all their hard work organising the trip and looking after our kids. Our daughter has had a fantastic time in France and her host family have been wonderful. Thank you."

"Just a quick note to thank you and your team for giving our daughter such an amazing experience in Limoges. Our daughter has returned in love with France and has made a friend for life with her exchange student and many others she has met over the last 10 days. The family she was paired with were so hospitable and welcoming, even managing to squeeze in a day trip to Paris! Again thank you so much, the whole process ran smoothly and we are looking forward to welcoming our daughter's partner in July."

"Thank you to all concerned in planning and implementing the trip. Our daughter had a lovely time and is convinced her French has improved! The family she stayed with were delightful and welcoming to her. We can’t wait for July to repay the hospitality."


"Honed his language skills. Made a fantastic friend in France and learned about school life there. He also learned what it entailed to be an international host, which can be full of surprises."

"I just wanted to thank you and the whole team for the opportunity that the exchange provided. Not only did our son get a huge benefit from it in terms of the development of his language skills but it was also a great way to develop his social skills too. As a family we really enjoyed hosting our son's partner and feel that it made the last few weeks richer for us all."

"A HUGE thank you to all staff who worked so hard to put on an amazing exchange experience. Our children are so lucky to have such dedicated staff willing to give up their own time to do this. We feel that our daughter has benefited so much linguistically and has grown as a person."

"Our son really enjoyed French life, the culture and his language skills have improved considerably."

"The experience of being away in another country on their own, having to communicate with people in French and being a thoughtful host."


“I would just like to say thank you very much for a successful first part of the exchange to France. Our son had an amazing time and his host family were most welcoming to him. The trip was extremely well organised ” JT (Barton)

 We all really enjoyed the whole exchange experience. Our son has benefited massively from the whole experience. His French has improved, his confidence has improved.” CW (Stone)

Report written by Dylan Gill who took part in the exchange 2016:

"Not only was the Staffordshire-Limousin exchange an invaluable supplement to my A-level French course, it also allowed me to experience the day to day life of a typical French family in a way that a traditional school trip never could. As well as improving my standard of spoken French, I made some extremely good friends with whom I am still in contact and plan to continue seeing in the future. The French leg of the exchange seemed quite daunting at first, especially as I was the only student from my sixth form college, but it soon became apparent that everyone felt the same way and this apprehension turned into excitement.
My host family were extremely welcoming and I quickly felt settled in my new home and able to engage in conversation. It would be a lie to say that I found the exchange easy or that I spent the whole ten days without any embarrassing mistakes, but it was these silent moments and blank stares that forced me to think on my feet and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the language. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone studying French at any level."

Zachary Petherick, NULC 2015


"Brilliantly organised; the very fact they get to spend 10 days in each others home is the best possible way of learning the language." JH Burton 2014


"I have gained confidence, not only in speaking French but in life generally. I have made a lot of new friends. Also my French vocabulary has expanded and my pronunciation improved." AB Newcastle 2013

We asked the students "What did you enjoy the most?", they replied:

"Getting to know the family and going to school"
"Enjoying the culture, food & surroundings"
"It has been the best time of my life"
"the adventure park & seeing everyone"
"Making friends for life"
"I enjoyed everything!"
"The school - really interesting!"
"Going to the school and meeting the family"
"Making friends, English and French"
"The people"

To the question "What did you enjoy the least?", students replied:

"The rain"

And "Would you recommend the exchange?", students said:

"To sum it up, I would recommend the exchange and I had a fab time, made lots of friends, French and English and I had a wonderful teacher. I loved every bit of it! Thank you! Whoa!"

"It's well organised, we were given a lot of information before we left for Limoges which was helpful"

Article published in the KESPRESS,

KING EDWARD VI SCHOOL, LICHFIELD Community Newsletter No.112 July 2013



"Just to say thank you and to all the staff involved. Our daughter has come back full of joy, having had a fantastic experience.It was a pleasure having her partner earlier in the year to stay.They were an excellent pairing."  IB Stone 2012